Fae Farms Coasts of Croakia DLC is now live with version 2.0.0. While a majority of this update is dedicated to the DLC there are also some gameplay enhancements available to all players that you can read about in the patch notes below.


The first premium content update for Fae Farm, “Coasts of Croakia” is now available!

For Switch players, and those with the Deluxe Edition on PC, this content will automatically be enabled. For owners of the Standard Edition on PC, you can view more details and purchase this content from the new “Add-On Content” option on the main menu, or directly through your chosen store.

You can access the Coasts of Croakia content by reaching Chapter 3 and checking your mailbox for a letter from Lem.


  • The tool selector has been updated, and can now be tabbed through as before, or opened into a wheel instead for easier selection.- A short explanation popup will show when you first leave your house after the update.

– This new wheel is accessed by holding either R or L on Switch, either RB or LB on PC controller, and is assigned to Q by default on keyboard (and can be rebound).

  • Your active tool will now persist when entering a new dungeon floor.
  • The time taken to craft items at the garden bench has been reduced by two-thirds.
  • Using the Vortex spell to harvest items will now respect Lucky Roll and Bounteous Fertilizer buffs.
  • Fixed a case where the wand could be unequipped if you swung it to attack while standing on or near a door switch in the Saltwater Mines.
  • Fixed a stuck state that could occur if you fell off the map and were overcome by miasma at the same time in the Floating Ruins.
  • Fixed respawned door orbs not being usable in the Floating Ruins.


  • Experience earned from fishing has been significantly increased across the board.
  • The final seed unlock has been moved from Farming level 20 to level 19.
  • Fertilizers and seeds that unlock based on Farming level now show in the Progression screen.
  • The watering can is now instantly refilled when upgraded, for magical convenience.
  • Improved a case where you could get temporarily blocked on one particular floor layout of the Scorched Caverns if you did not have the Orichalcum Shovel.
  • Improved and clarified text in a number of Job Quests to make the objectives clearer.
  • Fixed romance and friendship quests asking you to “Show” items when it meant to “Give” them.
  • Fixed a repeated objective in the Finding the Wisp Mother main quest.
  • Fixed a bug where using the tutorial skip option would not add the base tools to your Almanac.


  • A new wayshrine has been added at Stay-A-While Bay. It can be unlocked using the newly-added Emerald Seal.
  • All vendor NPCs now have new and unique dialogue, rather than using the same shared pool of lines.
  • Fixed a bug that blocked some fall-specific NPC dialogue lines from playing.
  • All critters can now blink!
  • Improved the hint camera when approaching the Fae Gate to better frame it.
  • Fish should now be much less likely to swim through scenery.
  • Fixed some lamps in the world not lighting when it got dark.
  • Improved texture detail of some paths.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with fruit trees during the growth stage.
  • Fixed a graphical error that could occur when using tool special abilities behind trees.
  • Fixed and improved a number of other minor environment art issues.
  • Fixed eyebrows intersecting the square eye style.


  • The number of items that can be kept in House Storage has been significantly increased.
  • Faux Wood flooring can now be crafted at the Lumber Station.
  • You can now walk under Pergolas.
  • Removed the Study Wallpaper from Emily’s Eccentric Extras shop (remains available at the House of Healing shop, where it was intended) and removed the Ribbit Wallpaper from the Notions of Potions shop (it is a job quest reward).
  • The Sporewood Curly Q Fence is now correctly made from Sporewood, not Flutterwood.
  • Fixed some items showing incorrect icons in the Almanac while they were undiscovered.
  • Fixed dropped Animal Charms displaying as the wrong item.
  • Fixed a number of items appearing under the wrong section of the End of Day summary screen.


  • Animal care interactions have been revised to be more intuitive:- With controller, the closest animal in the direction you are facing will be focused to interact with. – With mouse, you focus an animal to interact with by hovering the cursor over the specific animal.

– If multiple animals are very close, ones with outstanding daily interactions are prioritized for focus.

– An added visual indicator will show the animal you are focused on.

  • A number of other improvements and fixes have been made to avoid input conflicts between multiple animals, or between animals and stations on your farm grid.


  • Fixed a case where clients automatically received the Crystal Staff on joining a session where the host had unlocked it.
  • Fixed a bug where clients in a multiplayer session could see the wrong tool tier icon in the celebration moment after upgrading.
  • Fixed some cozy items still showing as their default colours for multiplayer clients after the host dyed them.
  • Fixed shade clouds popping in when closer than intended when playing as a multiplayer client.


  • An option has been added to the main menu to view and purchase available add-on content. The Phoenix Labs Friends screen has been moved to a button input, listed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Improved feedback on trying to purchase a fishing rod or watering can upgrade that you already have.
  • Fixed a bug where the new season popup could get stuck on screen.
  • Fixed some places in UI where potions showed the base duration, and not the duration including any Potion Making level boosts you have.
  • Fixed the alphabetical sort in the Storage screen being in reverse order.
  • Fixed the wrong type of feed showing in the barn hint when you had none available.
  • Fixed a case where the dungeon UI could incorrectly state a door was open or closed.
  • Fixed a bug where the default tool was shown in the tool UI when you launch the game, rather than the upgraded tool you have.
  • Fixed a bug where some input prompts could stop displaying at the bottom of the screen during a play session, for example to Show Read Mail or Reset Relationship.
  • Fixed a stuck state that could occur if you quickly dismissed some settings menus on a fresh installation of the game.
  • Fixed a bug where certain wayshrines could not be selected when playing in Chinese, Korean, or Japanese.
  • Added a missing Select button prompt in the Edit Outfit screen.


  • Improved handling of profanity filtering in player-set names.
  • Made updates to the base game credits, and added the credits for Coasts of Croakia.
  • Fixed an exploit where quitting and reloading could grant you the rewards from a shipping contract multiple times.
  • Fixed sound effects from the Rainbow Frog still playing after collecting it.
  • Fixed a number of typos and other text errors in English and localized languages.

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