NFL athletes play a game for a living, and get paid quite a bit of money to do so. Once the gridiron battle wraps, what do the players do when they head back to the locker room? Turns out they wrap up one game in order to play another.

The Las Vegas Raiders recently got right of their head coach, Josh McDaniels, who apparently ruled with an iron fist. His no-fun attitude was a downer for the whole team both on and off the field, but the situation has flipped completely with interim head coach Antonio Pierce stepping in to fill the shoes. Pierce has made a number of changes already, and that includes tweaks to the atmosphere in the locker room.

Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby stopped by the Pat McAfee Show to talk about what the locker room is like in recent weeks, and it’s clear things are a lot more relaxed now. This has led to the players kicking back and relaxing with some games, including basketball, cornhole, and Smash Bros. Ultimate. Apparently quite a few players on the team are big into Smash Bros., and now they can get back to some friendly competition before hitting the showers.

It seems this adjustment in coaching has paved the way for better play on the field, and a better mindset off. Who knew that Smash Bros. was just what the Raiders needed to get back on track?!

Thanks to Khufu for the heads up!

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