If you were a youngster during the N64 days, you’ll no doubt remember the the Funtastic color series, which gave the console a visual makeover in some wild color schemes. The line offered the N64 in three varieties over the years; fully translucent, translucent top and white bottom, and translucent top with grey parts. These Funtastic options also came in a number of colors, including Smoke Black, Jungle Green, Fire Orange, Ice Blue, Watermelon Red, Grape Purple and Midnight Blue.

While the variety of options in the Funtastic color series no doubt made most fans happy, it turns out there was a time when Nintendo was considering further expansion. There have always been rumors of prototypes for more colors, but today we finally have confirmation of those options thanks to a recent discovery.

A former Nintendo employee was lucky enough to come across these unreleased color prototypes, which eventually made their way to the N64 enthusiasts at Console Variations. They confirmed the prototypes’ existence, and now we have photographical evidence showing off what could have been.

The lineup, as see in the image above, includes the following never-released color options:

  • Extreme Green
  • Clear White
  • Ghost Blue and Clear White
  • Ocean Blue and Clear White
  • Purple and Clear White

It’s pretty wild to see that not only was the rumor of these prototypes true, but they’ve actually survived to this day. If you’d like to get a closer look at these never-released designs, you can find a gallery of photos here.

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