Worldless recently came to the Switch, and it’s quite a unique title. There are 2D action trappings, platforming aspects, Metroidvania elements, turn-based components and so much more. All of it comes together in a very interesting package, complete with a visual identity all of its own.

While Worldless may pull from a number of ideas to create something fresh, it was also inspired by some of gaming’s greats over the years. In an interview with Nintendo Life, developer David Sanchez Garcia shared the details on two big-name franchises that helped make Worldless what it is.

The combat came from the idea of having a way of fighting enemies which felt both as frenetic, stylish, and action-oriented as games like Devil May Cry but also where you had to think about your actions and strategize to defeat your opponents as seen in many JRPGs. We’re big fans of Final Fantasy and they were part of our youth, which definitely influenced us while creating the combat.

[David Sanchez Garcia, developer]

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