Vampire Survivors 'Emergency Meeting' OST released

There's some new tunes among us

18 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting is the upcoming ‘Among Us’ themed DLC, for Vampire Survivors by poncle. The Survivors join forces with totally trustworthy Crewmates to be the bullet hell… in space! This DLC will be coming to Switch sometime after Dec. 18th, 2023, but at least today we can enjoy the new songs included in this update! Listen to one of the tunes above, and then click through to YouTube to enjoy the rest.

The Survivors are desperate to hunt vampires, but are running out of places to look. Only one option remains: Be the bullet hell… in space!

Gather your most trusted Crewmates, prepare to eject the Impostors, and try to survive while mowing down thousands of extra-terrestrial foes in this expansion for Vampire Survivors. Turn classic Among Us tasks into outrageous weapons, upgrading your abilities after every roguelite run to overcome impossible odds with ease. Be alert to subterfuge as you explore the vast weirdness of the Polus Replica and keep your wits about you, as suspicious eyes are always watching.

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