There’s no such thing as downtime in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Even when the main story wraps and the DLC has been completed, there’s still so much more to enjoy. That includes both Tera Raid Battle and Mass Outbreak events, and it just so happens that two of each are coming soon.

On the Tera Raid Battle side of things, a new 7 Star event is coming on Dec. 22nd and it features a battle against an Iron Bundle with the Ice Tera Type and the Mightiest Mark. This Pokémon can only be caught once per save file., and you’ll have until December 24th, 2023 to do so. After that, a 5 Star event featuring Walking Wake and Iron Leaves returns, and it runs from December 25th, 2023 to Jan. 7th, 2024.

As for Mass Outbreak events, the next bit of action features Delibird with outbreaks in Paldea and Kitakami. There will also be an increased Shiny Chance, so perhaps you’ll get extra lucky! This event runs from Dec. 22nd to 25th, 2023. After that, the next Mass Outbreak event features Dratini in Paldea, Jangmo-o in Kitakami and Duraludon in the Terarium, and it includes a chance at the Joyful Mark. You’ll have from December 25th, 2023 to January 3rd, 2024 to participate in this one.

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6M ago

Sad that the dragon types don't have an increased shiny chance as well.