Official Nintendo quiz helps pick Switch games for you to play

A quick an easy way to find your next Switch game

18 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Nothing helps the holiday travels go by in a flash like having your Nintendo Switch system and just the right game (or games) on-hand! But how to choose when the wide library of Nintendo Switch games looks so fun?

Simply follow the quiz above for a ton of fun while you’re traveling with your Nintendo Switch system. Are you looking for thrills and excitement, or maybe relaxing and unwinding is more your style? Just zip down the path that matches yours IRL (or simply looks most appealing to you), and you’ll have a game discovery waiting for you at the bottom of the trail. Of course, trails are meant to be travelled more than once – and any path you choose on this quiz will lead to something fun for you to discover!

Have multiple Nintendo Switch owners in your life? Get them to take the quiz, too, and your whole squad will be decked out with game recs for the friendly highways, byways or skies that you’re coasting through. By the time you know it, you’ll have arrived at your destination with a few more victories, sights, adventures and experiences to call your own.

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6M ago

Geez, the only game I don't already own is Animal Crossing and I have no intention whatsoever to change that.