Battle Mage added to DNF Duel

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18 December 2023
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Extreme action fighting game DNF Duel just added a deadly new Fighter to the lineup, “Battle Mage,” the third DLC character in the current Season Pass. DNF Duel inherits the essence of beloved RPG Dungeon Fighter Online in its transition to a 2.5D action-fighting experience. Characterized by fluid, combo-driven gameplay, players utilize unique character abilities and execute intricate strategies to outsmart, outplay and downright beat up their opponents to become masters of the Ultimate Will.

This beginner-level character is great for learning the ropes, but players shouldn’t underestimate her diminutive stature - Battle Mage’s close-quarter combat skills are only matched by her unparalleled magical prowess. These powers manifest as Chasers, arcane spheres infused with elemental properties. By consuming Chasers generated through specific actions, Battle Mage gains enhanced effects for a certain skill for a given period, adding strategic depth to her combat.

After transforming into an apostle, players can unlock Battle Mage’s fiery Awakening skill, “Quasar Explosion,” a colossal Chaser that obliterates adversaries in a spectacular explosion.

Battle Mage launched today alongside a new stage, Meister’s Laboratory, free of charge.

Season Pass, which includes Spectre, Brawler, Battle Mage, and two additional characters set to be released in the future is priced at $19.99, while individual DLC characters can be purchased separately for $6.99.

If you’d like to see the patch notes that come along with today’s Battle Mage update, you can find them here.

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