An update is available for Pixel Cup Soccer: Ultimate Edition. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Added and updated all the participating teams of the Asian Cup 2023-2024
  • Unlocked more tournaments by default. Now only the tournaments available inside Career Mode will need to be unlocked
  • Added a panel that shows the current status of Assistance Options during pre-match
  • Career Mode is now locked until a first-time user wins their first Friendly Match or Tournament Match
  • Added a hint to let the player know Career is unlocked when it is time
  • Added a custom flag preview for workshop items, which can now be uploaded to workshop directly from the game when creating custom teams
  • We have updated the American and European Cups, with the teams classified


  • Added one most requested feature: Player Statistics. Now you can find player statistics for each season.


  • Optimized the Savegame, reducing number of times there are writes to save
  • Input optimizations
  • Added banners for the custom events buttons
  • Added new assorted icons throughout the UI


  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate team entries when editing such Teams through a Custom Cup button instead of the My Teams button
  • Fixed missing characters on some font assets
  • Fixed user-reported localizations
  • Fixed achievement for penalty goals not counting when the penalty goal was because of foul
  • Fixed bug causing the music to stop playing during Tutorial match banners
  • Fixed issues caused by teams being reset while also featured on feature matches
  • Fixed bugs caused by substitutions during an offside call
  • Fixed a bug that caused substitutions to take too long to be performed
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Power bar during a Penalty Kick performed with the Pass button
  • Fixed bugs caused by players becoming stuck while taking/saving penalties
  • Fixed a bug with the power bar during a throw-in performed with the Pass button


  • Added complete support for UI and Career Mode texts in Traditional Chinese

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