Nintendo fans had to wait a long time to experience the BioShock franchise, but thanks to Switch, we can all happily explore the horrors of Rapture and Columbia. Thankfully, these melancholic adventures are still just as thrilling today as they were decades ago.

The BioShock franchise has been inspiring developers and fans alike ever since its initial release back in 2007, and it still has the power to stir creativity today. That magic is on display in an amazing performance by California’s John Burroughs High School Powerhouse Choir (seen above), which takes the world of BioShock and turns it into a musical.

BioShock’s themes seem positively ripe for a musical treatment, and the adaptation by John Burroughs High School was so impressive that garnered huge wins at the Hart Encore 2022 show choir competition. All in all, the adaptation took home Musicianship, Showmanship and Best Soloist awards.

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