Let’s Play! Oink Games has been updated to Ver. 9.0.0, and with that update comes the addition of Rafter Five, a new paid DLC game.

“Rafter Five’’ is a balance game, where you will use 5 differently shaped rafter pieces and expand your raft while also loading in treasure chests. If you cause 5 of the other player’s treasure chests to fall into the sea you lose, however if your own treasure chests fall, no problem. Purposely placing your treasure chests in a dangerous location to put pressure on the other players is a perfectly valid strategy. By skillfully using the rafters and treasure chests, you can create a strangely balanced and surprisingly large raft! The raft will collapse in surprising places which makes for an exciting and suspenseful game.

  • Players : 1 to 8 (can play together with the CPU)
  • Supported play modes: Offline/ Online*/ Local communication.
  • Offline multiplayer play requires a controller/phone for each player.

Along with that, the dev team has announced that due to the end of service of the cloud server used, service for “Legendary Warriors” will be ending on February 29th, 2024. The team apologizes to everyone who has been enjoying this game, and would like to express their sincerest gratitude to all who played the game.

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