Without a doubt, anime is bigger today than it ever was. When I was in high school (hundreds of years ago), anime was something hardly anyone knew about, and those who did enjoy it didn’t dare talk about their interests in fear of being bullied for the rest of their school career. Nowadays, anime is about as mainstream as it gets, and it only seems to be getting bigger.

With how far anime has reached in recent years, it’s not surprising to learn that creatives in just about any industry have been inspired by various shows over the years. That includes Joseph-Antoine Clavet, the cinematic director on Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Joseph-Antoine Clavet spoke at length about multiple anime series’ that helped inspire the direction in The Lost Crown.

[There were] many different types of references because depending on what you’re doing, you want to find the right references. I grew up watching Dragon Ball every six o’clock, every morning there was Dragon Ball. I was also a big fan of Sword of the Stranger, which was an influence that we put in different places and some of the cinematics. Ninja Scroll also for me, not in the tone because this is a tone that is a bit heavier. Berserk, for me, is a masterpiece in terms of manga. I love having the full series — it’s not the tone we’re looking for, but [a] certain message that there is to this story. There were so many anime[s]. Some of the team, [their inspirations] were more Naruto, some of the team it was more Demon Slayer.

It was more the sense of the style, how everything is larger than life in anime, how you feel overpowered and this elasticity in the animation, the musicality of animation. When I say ‘musicality’ that was always something that Mounir [Radi], the Game Director, would always get back to. Sometimes he could explain something he wanted with sounds, and it worked! Like, right away it clicks - BA DA BA DUM BOOOO BAM! And all of a sudden you’re like, “Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. We’re going to go in this direction.”

[Joseph-Antoine Clavet]

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