Over the last seven years, Pokémon GO has been with us, giving franchise fans a new way to interact with the series and explore the real world at the same time. Many trainers may have found a balance between the game and life, but some have struggled to find a way to balance the game with their day-to-day activities. That’s where the team behind the iRecatcher comes in.

Some players who purchased the Pokémon GO Plus+ companion device have encountered an issue, experiencing numerous disconnects that disrupt gameplay. With the integration of the iRecatcher with Pokemon Go Plus+, those disconnects will become a thing of the past, letting you go on throughout your day without worry of missing out on Pokémon GO activity. Along with that, iRecatcher not only supports Pokémon GO Plus+, but also compatible with most of auto catching devices. As long as the device is support one click reconnection, iRecatcher will work on it.

The team behind the iRecatcher is looking to bring in just $3k to make the device a reality, and you can help them achieve that goal through Kickstarter. If you’d like to learn more about the device or pledge some funds, you can do so through this link.

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