Paper Trails doesn’t just have a unique look. The game employs a paper aesthetic because it directly ties to a specific gameplay mechanic of folding scenes to solve puzzles. In a new interview, we find out how that interesting approach came to be.

In an interview with Games Industry, Newfangled CEO Henry Hoffman opened up about where the main puzzle feature in Paper Trails came from, and how it was iterated upon during development.

“I remember my brother had a piece of paper that he drew some random pictures on and he started folding it over and we thought that was really interesting, that you could create a side-scrolling puzzle game doing this, where you fold the level over and navigate between the two worlds. We started messing around with different viewpoints as well, we did a full top-down view which enabled us to create paths that redirect the player, which provided much more space for gameplay, whereas with a side-scroller you’re bound by gravity so you’re always going to be on a single play field of a single dimension.”

[Newfangled CEO Henry Hoffman]

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