Happy Holidays Neighbors!

Winter has arrived, but there’s no time to prepare for the cold, we’ve got creepy basements to investigate and Secret Neighbors to expose! New skins, QOL improvements, rebalancing, reworked systems, new quests and so much more are waiting under the tree, ready to be unwrapped in the Keepin’ it cozy winter update!

Is it really Christmas if everything we see isn’t blanketed in a carpet of snow? Well, yes snow is actually very uncommon in some parts of the world. But not in Secret Neighbor! Snow’s back, and with it you can once again wrap up warm, gather your friends, build some snowmen with them and then pelt them with snowballs, because what else are friends for?

Get your hooks ready folks, as the fan favourite brawl mode came home for Christmas! Separated by a chasm filled with lava, players must “booyah!” their way to victory by hooking their opponents and reeling them onto their side of the map. Obviously, you can also go the griefing route and just spend the game dropping your opponents in the river of magma that divides you, but you don’t get any points for that (and won’t win any friends that way either…) After 5 rounds, the team with the most rounds won, wins the game!

Guest, Hunter, Ghost, Clown, Butcher and Quentin all have new skins, accessories and Christmas themed outfits for any unexpected holiday get-togethers!

Even The Guest is getting into the Christmas spirit this year, with a new Santa themed skin! Not sure you’d be too thrilled seeing him come crawling out of your chimney however…

Quentin, The Hunter and Inventor are going to be especially busy this Christmas, with a bunch of new daily quests to complete!

Balance changes

  • The Taxidermist’s toy gun now holds 4 bullets, reloads slowly and has a 5-second default cooldown
  • Brave can break windows and traps with a baseball bat
  • Bagger now has 150HP
  • Scout’s fully charged shot will slow down instead of dealing a stun
  • Reduced max damage dealt by item throw to 35
  • Increased damage buff from milk by 33%
  • Added slight cooldown to catching after transforming into the Neighbor
  • Reduced number of traps in Quick Game

Wardrobe changes

  • Items will no longer spawn in the wardrobes, and players can hide by pressing and holding the “Interact” button.

Inventor talent changes

  • EXPERT METAL DETECTOR: The last tier will get an additional upgrade → Adds a flashlight to the metal detector.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue when daily quests might not progressed or completed
  • Fixed issue where Ghost might flicker in the Shop
  • Fixed issue where characters might hold items incorrectly
  • Fixed a number of regularly reported map exploits
  • The player is no longer able to join a lobby if he was kicked from it

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