A very special Pokémon event has been announced for Japan, and it’s available for trainers to attend in person right now.

The Iwate Prefectural Museum has just opened the doors for their Pokémon Fossil Museum exhibition, and it’ll be up-and-running until March 3, 2024. This exhibit allows Pokémon fans to check out life-size skeletons of various Fossil Pokémon. Those who swing by the exhibit can expect to check out bones for Tyrantrum, Aurorus and many others up close.

Outside of the fossils on display, there will also be a collection of extinct Pokémon fauna showcased, including the Pokémon Archeops and Archaeopteryx, the real-life dinosaur that inspired it.

If the Iwate Prefectural Museum location isn’t the easiest for Pokémon fans to visit, they can also plan a trip to the Mifune Dinosaur Museum located in Kumamoto Prefecture. The Pokémon Fossil Museum will see a run at that location from March 20th to June 23rd, 2024. There will be even more museum stops on the Pokémon Fossil Museum tour, and those locations and dates will be revealed sometime in 2024.

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