It’s time to put grody criminals behind bars! Developer Gamma Minus and publisher Daedalic Entertainment release the crime thriller game Rough Justice: ‘84 today on Nintendo Switch. Chill out to trippy synth-wave beats this holiday season and build your detective agency to save Seneca City from its demise.

About the game:


Rough Justice: ‘84 is an eclectic mix of strategy, neon-noir crime thriller, and gritty detective game. Take matters into your own hands and solve exciting cases and challenges that will test your mettle, from protection details and repossessions to dangerous fugitive recoveries. The addictive moment-to-moment gameplay took inspiration from tabletop board games, which shows in its use of dice, cards, and puzzles while solving cases. That’s why the developers describe Rough Justice: ‘84 as “the video game adaption of a board game that doesn’t exist”.


Rough Justice: ‘84’s surprisingly mature story takes place in a hotbed of crime and violence. You step into the shoes of ex-cop Jim Baylor to manage an up-and-coming security agency full of unique agents. While you’re cleaning criminal scum off the streets of Seneca City, you slowly realize that something more sinister is going on behind the curtains. The more you dig into the city’s underbelly, the more evident it becomes just how rotten Seneca’s entrails currently are. Controlled from the shadows by a gruesome neo-Nazi organization. This will be Jim’s most challenging case yet, especially given his family tree…


The story of Rough Justice: ‘84 touches on some of the most sensitive subjects of the 80s: a time characterized by liberation, economic growth, and the dismantlement of borders on the one hand but political extremes, toxic ideologies, and oppression on the other. In that sense, Rough Justice: ‘84 is not just a game but also a passion project for the multicultural team at Gamma Minus, many of whom have had experiences with these areas. Twitch Streamer CozyGamerKat interviewed some of the developers behind Rough Justice: ‘84 to show more about the thought and design process that went into the depiction of this decade.

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