Among Us "Fungle Fire" virtual yule log now streaming

Nothing sus about this cozy camping spot

20 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

For thousands of years now, people have enjoyed the holiday season by sitting next to a warm to share stories and snacks with those they loved. Hell, that was all there was to do centuries ago, but even with all the ways to entertain ourselves and company nowadays, people still love the classics.

While everyone might not have access to a fire pit or fireplace, it’s pretty much a given that there’s some sort of screen in every household. From a big-screen TV to computer monitor, phone to tablet, somewhere in your home you can find a digital display. It might not give off the same warmth as an actual fire, but it can set the mood in a pinch.

If you happen to be in a household that loves Among Us, you might want to fire up the Innerslot yule log this season. The dev team behind the social deduction game has chose the ‘Fungle’ map as the setting for their digital Fungle Fire yule log, and the video above gives you over 3 hours of streaming to enjoy. Put this on in the background while the family gathers and enjoy the ambiance.

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