Switch moves 16.4 million units in 2023

The little system that could

20 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

While Nintendo shares Switch hardware sales in terms of fiscal years, the rest of us operate on the traditional calendar year. While 2023 is yet to close out, we’re close enough that the vast majority of sales data can be crunched, and the rest can be extrapolated. That leaves us with some solid stats on game sales, Switch hardware included.

While not 100% officially confirmed by Nintendo, Ampere Analysis has gone through the figures to decipher just how many Switch units have been sold in 2023. According to their research, the Switch will close out 2023 having moved 16.4 million units worldwide, which would mark an 18% drop year-over-year.

The Switch will hit its 7th year on the market in March 2024, and to see it still moving double-digits in the millions is extremely impressive. It’s not surprising at all to see Switch momentum dying down, but 16.4 million is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Compare that to the Xbox Series X/S, which sold 7.6 million units, marking a drop of 15% year-on-year. That’s not meant to be a knock against the Xbox, but rather a comparison to show just how amazing Switch’s sales remain!

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7M ago

Almost 7 years strong. Pretty damn impressive