Kazutaka Kodaka is the mastermind behind both the Danganronpa series as well as the Switch-exclusive Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. These games have all been well received critically and commercially, but according to Kodaka, he honestly doesn’t care about how many units his titles move.

Kodaka took to social media to talk a bit about Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, mentioning that the physical edition of the game is no longer being printed. He lamented this situation, saying it was a chance for gamers to “play the best visual novel and the best detective game” with “the best stories and characters.”

It’s certainly nice to see a developer showing passion for the games they create, and a lot of fans responded to Kodaka’s comments to tell him such. Kodaka took this as an opportunity to share a message about the types of games he creates, and why in the grand scheme of things, all that matters is that he enjoys the entertainment he crafts.

Because I only make games that I like. So I don’t care if they sell well or not. Because it is more distinctive than perfection, and it is not a game that will be liked by everyone. I want as many people with similar sensibilities to me to buy my games as possible.

[Kazutaka Kodaka]

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