Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce the release of a free update for Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits today, which features the new game mode, Net Sniper.​ A new event, the Shark Festival, in which players can earn rewards for catching special sharks available for a limited time, has also been confirmed for launch in January 2024.​

Net Sniper has been added to Marine Medal Mania. Net Sniper is a shooting game in which players cast their net to catch as many fish as they can. Collect Summon Stones obtained by catching enough fish to summon the boss fish.​ Once the boss fish appears, reduce its HP to 0 to clear the stage.​ Recovery and power-up items will also be dropped. Avoid taking damage from colliding with fish or being hit by their attacks, power-up your own abilities, and catch the boss.​ Players can also use the “Rod Controller for Nintendo Switch” (sold separately), to help cast their net even faster.​ Two players can play this mode together cooperatively. If one player is knocked out, the other can revive them.​ Work together to catch mighty boss fish!​

Shark Festival to be launched in January 2024,​ beginning with the Nurse Shark!​ The Shark Festival is set to be launched within Ace Angler+ in January 2024.​ The Shark Festival is a new event in which players will have a chance to catch a different rare shark each month. Aim to complete the set by catching all 12 sharks over the course of the year!​ The festival kicks off with the appearance of the Nurse Shark in January, famous for its large body and gaping mouth!

Win in-game presents depending on how many times you catch the shark each month.​ Catch the wide variety of unique sharks appearing each month to claim monthly prizes, including original in-game t-shirts. The Shark Festival will be available to play from 1 January 2024!​

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6M ago

I was interested in this game but no pro controller support no purchase from me. I play switch exclusively in handheld with my Fixture S2.