Wall World now available on Switch

Nothing gets by this guy

21 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Wall World is a 2D mining and tower defense rogue-lite where you will be exploring the mysterious Wall on your giant robot spider: mine for valuable resources, upgrade your equipment to fight off hordes of monsters, and discover exotic biomes in-between attacks. Will you be able to survive and learn the secrets of the World Wall? Check it out on the Switch today for $10.

Mine. Burrow deep into the Wall in different places. Look for resources and technologies for upgrades, discover new biomes in the mines — but don’t forget to return to your robospider in time for the next monster attack.

Fight. Shoot and hack at the nightmarish creatures with a variety of weapons, from simple machine guns to homing missiles. Increase your chances of survival by breaking camp instantly and continuing the fight on the go.

Upgrade. Modernize your exosuit with resources and technologies you find to move faster in mines and break through ever harder rocks. Upgrade your robospider’s combat stats to deal with the increasingly dangerous enemies that await you on the endless Wall.

Explore. Discover mysterious locations and fantastic biomes. See how the World Wall changes as you move deeper along it, day and night.


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