After a successful launch on Switch, My Time at Sandrock celebrates the critical praise in today’s Accolade trailer. From the bottom of the dev team’s hearts, they’ve prepared this trailer to thank you all for making the game’s launch truly special.

Be prepared for 2024: exciting times ahead for My Time at Sandrock! Brace yourselves for the integration of the DLC support into the multiplayer mode, promising collaborative adventures like never before. Console players, rejoice! A December update syncs up with the PC 1.0 content, followed by a January release to keep pace with ongoing single-player developments. Brace for enhanced multiplayer features and more surprises—because the adventure in Sandrock is about to get even better!

My Time at Sandrock is a wholesome sandbox RPG where an exciting Wild West adventure meets the joy of building and nurturing your own plot of land, with a detailed narrative that features hundreds of side-quests and over 40 all-new characters.

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