RAILGRADE has been updated to Ver. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Add procedurally generated Sandbox Mode
  • Add Research Tower for generating research
  • Add tech tree in Sandbox Mode
  • Make horizon curved
  • Add support for multiple saves per sandbox region
  • Add free buildings mechanic for use in sandbox starts


  • Make zeppelin export docks rate limited in sandbox mode
  • Make deliveries to research towers not pay for freight
  • Add deep lakes
  • Add option to scale frequency of idle barks


  • Add procgen preview window to sandbox generate mode
  • Add save selection menu for Sandbox saves
  • Add lockout safety option to prevent accidental campaign restarts
  • Add tech tree in sandbox mode


  • Fix water pump upgrade missing from map editor unlocks panel
  • Prevent map editor placements outside map limits
  • Fix Region 22 Branch B showing unused retrograde quest

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