TERAVIT has been updated to Ver. 001.58. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

The new world “Performance Hall (α)” has been released.

The Room Master can take the stage as a performer and deliver a live-like performance to an audience.

The audience can also enhance the live performance using items that are sold within the world, such as “Penlights”, “Fireworks”, and “Sparkling Clappers”.

The object “Fan Board” has been added. Details regarding the “Fan Board” are as follows: The Fan Board is installed in the new world “Performace Hall (α)”.

Each Fan Board has designated players to whom messages can be sent, and players can confirm the recipient’s username on the Fan Board screen.

Players can send Jewels with messages.

The number of Jewels paid determines the number of days the message will be displayed at the top of the Fan Board, the maximum number of characters, and the maximum number of lines available.

Points generated by the paid Jewels will be returned to the user who received the message.


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