It doesn’t matter how long ago The Super Mario Bros. Movie released, as it just can’t help but break records. The film has all kinds of accolades and achievements under its belt, but now Nintendo and Illumination have one more to add to the list before 2023 wraps things up.

Vudu is one of the many, many streaming apps available across a variety of devices. For those who don’t know, Vudu lets you rent and buy movies and TV shows without a subscription. Just cough up the cash for what you want to see and start streaming. Apparently in 2023, people really wanted to stream The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Vudu has released their top 10 movies of 2023 in terms of revenue, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie is right at the top. We don’t know just how much money Vudu made off of rentals/purchases of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but there’s no doubt everyone’s pockets were lined quite nicely!

For those who are nosy, you can see the complete top 10 list for Vudu below.


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red knight

6M ago

The top two are the correct picks. Two absolutely amazing movies and two of the best games of the year funny enough.