ONE. launches for Switch today

Are you the one?

22 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Back in 2022, the Japanese development team at novamicus and the publishers at NEXTON announced the publisher’s upcoming 30th-anniversary project, ONE. Today, after over a year’s worth of waiting, ONE. is set to launch on Switch. You can pick up the game on the Switch eShop for $70 and there’s also a free demo up for grabs.

ONE., the legendary visual novel that inspired a generation, is back and better than ever! The pioneering nakige that made a generation cry, ONE. now includes updated art, animations, and features!

1998, winter. I was just a regular student until another world was born in me. Like softly falling snow, it blanketed and began to bury my everyday life. It was only then that I realized… That there were certain things in my life that never changed. The same familiar scenery. The warmth of the one I loved, who filled me with a joy I never noticed. Their existence tied me to this world.

It was when I first started to want these bonds, to want that special someone, that time began to pass, and sunlight caused the season to really shine. When it did, which world was I standing in, and who was holding my hand?

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6M ago

On to PlayAsia folks!


6M ago

Insane that the Switch version is $70, but the Steam version is launching at $16. Same. Game.