Retro-indie games publisher Bitmap Soft and its subsidiary Phoenix War have announced that Cel Story, an epic sci-fi adventure for Nintendo Game Boy, will be available on their store at £45.00 on January 6. Pre-orders are already available.

Cel Story is atransformative odyssey of a stranded hero on a cryptic planet grappling with memory loss and a damaged spacecraft. Explore the surreal landscape, and remnants of an ancient civilization, and encounter peril while piecing together fragments of their past.

While collecting crucial ship components, an obscure guide offers mysterious insights, leading to a self-discovery journey. Repairing the ship becomes a quest to unveil memories and the mission’s purpose.

Amidst hostile creatures and decoding ancient puzzles, the hero races against time to escape the planet, unearthing truths buried in their history, with each repaired system bringing them closer to survival and understanding their enigmatic past.

Cel Story is compatible with the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, as well as for Analogue Pocket. It will contain a cartridge, a case, a box and an instruction outlet.


  • Crash-landing on an unknown planet.
  • Navigating a surreal landscape with damaged memory and spaceship.
  • Exploring remnants of an ancient civilization to repair a ship.
  • Discovering peril and fragments of the hero’s past.
  • Collecting vital components amidst encounters with hostile creatures.
  • Being guided by a mysterious figure offering cryptic insights.
  • A journey of self-discovery, unveiling memories and the mission’s purpose.
  • Decoding ancient puzzles while facing challenges.
  • Racing against time to escape the planet and unveil buried truths in the hero’s history.
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