Born of Bread launched on the Switch eShop recently, and those who wanted to go all-out could grab the digital artbook and original soundtrack bundle. Well, at least you could have, as that option has been yanked from sale for the time being.

Many were wondering why Born of Bread remained on the Switch eShop while the artbook and OST bundle was removed, and now we have our answer straight from the developer. It turns out the digital art book included some uncensored swearing in ones of its images, and that’s not allowed with the book’s “E for Everyone” ESRB rating. Nintendo had no choice but to remove the content.

The developer says that they’ll censor the necessary words and resubmit the content for rating. After that, it should be back up on the Switch eShop soon. That said, please note that the developer has stated that this process won’t begin until after the holiday season, so the digital artbook and OST bundle will be missing for at least a couple of weeks.

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