100animalease came to the Switch back in December of 2022, which means the game is now celebrating its 1-year anniversary. To mark the special occasion, the dev team behind 100animalease have cooked up all sorts of special announcements.

First up, if you’ve yet to check out 100animalease, now would be the perfect time to do so. A free demo for the game is now available on the Switch eShop, and if you end up enjoying what you play, you can also pick up the full game at a 60% discount. This discount is sticking around until Jan. 6th, 2024, making the price just $2.79.

Along with that, 100animalease has received a number of updates over the year that improve quality and make the overall experience more enjoyable. If you haven’t checked in on 100animalease in awhile, you should fire it up and experience all the quality of life improvements for yourself.

To learn more on what 100animalease is all about, you can check out the official eShop page here.

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