Chrono Trigger devs talk sequel chances, praise Sea of Stars

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26 December 2023
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Chrono Trigger is one of the most beloved RPGs of all-time. The title continues to serve as a basis for RPG development decades after its original release, and will forever be one of the most important games the industry has ever birthed.

While Chrono Trigger got a spin-off/sequel in Chrono Cross, fans of the original have wanted a true follow-up ever since the game’s debut in 1995. There have been re-releases of the game since back in the day, but a true-blue sequel never came to be. Now, in some new chatter from the main devs behind the title, we hear a bit about what it might take to make Chrono Trigger 2 happen.

Chrono Trigger creators Yuji Horii, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Kazuhiko Torishima recently met up in person for the first time in 30 years to talk about all sorts of things, including the idea of Chrono Trigger 2. Surprisingly, it seemed there was some interest in actually making the sequel happen, but in the grand scheme of things, it still seems a bit unlikely. You can see a breakdown of what the team shared in their discussion below.

  • Torishima joked that Chrono Trigger 2 would be easy to do since Square and Enix have merged
  • Sakaguchi was not so sure about that
  • Torishima said he’d have to call up Akira Toriyama to bring him along
  • all 3 devs said nowadays they’d like to work on a small game with a small team
  • Sakaguchi joked “let’s make a simple Chrono Trigger 2. lol”
  • the others laughed and replied by saying they’d like to tackle something for Switch/mobile
  • Sakaguchi said Chrono Trigger 2 would probably end up becoming much bigger
  • eventually, all 3 devs said it would be difficult to see them doing Chrono Trigger 2
  • the trio said if they did ever make something together again they’d want to do something brand-new

Before wrapping up the conversation completely, Yuji Horii, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Kazuhiko Torishima also pivoted to some discussion about Sea of Stars. There’s no doubt Sea of Stars has been greatly influenced by Chrono Trigger, which led to the 3 sharing the following thoughts.

  • Horii said the devs did a great job, as it looks just like Chrono Trigger
  • Torishima found the game to be nostalgic
  • Sakaguchi said “Look, its the same!..” and said the devs really did their best and did a great job

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