Christmas Day might be over, but Pokémon Co. still has some gifts to offer. If you happen to be a Pokémon Scarlet/Violet player, then you’ve got 3 separate goodies waiting for you today!

First up, Nintendo has offered a pair of special distributions for readers of their weekly newsletter in Japan. The codes can be used worldwide though, so have at them below!

  • The code “SUPEREFFECT1VE” can be used to obtain an Expert Belt (expires Feb. 28th, 2025)
  • The code “G0TCHAP0KEM0N” can be used to get 30 Quick Balls (expires Feb. 28th, 2025)

Last but not least, a special distribution of 10 TM223 (Metal Sound) has also kicked off in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This distribution started after it was discovered that you need a Violet exclusive Pokémon, Shieldon, to craft the TM. This distribution will be available until mid-January, which is when a patch is coming to fix the issue.

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