An update is available for Path of Titans. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

adds a new dinosaur: Hatzegopteryx!

This is an absolutely massive flying reptile, with a wingspan that blocks out the sun.

The Hatzegopteryx is able to grab and carry other players off into the sky. Watch them struggle as you fly higher and higher, and then drop them to let them plummet to their doom! The Hatz is also a formidable foe on the ground, with a quick trot speed and rapid beak stab attacks that get stronger with each hit. And, steer clear of it’s “Evil Eye” ablity which decreases the attack of the closest creature near it.

adds Replay Tool

You’re now able to take recordings and play them back whenever you’d like. You can access your replays from the main menu. The Replay mode is a brand new tool in Path of Titans that allows you to record and save your own footage from your in-game experiences.


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