Game-to-movie adaptations have been a thing for decades now, but they’re really ramped up in recent years following a string of successes. Sonic the Hedgehog, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Mortal Kombat and Five Nights at Freddy’s are all perfect examples of big-screen leaps that brought in considerable amounts of cash, so it’s not surprising to see other game-to-film adaptations in the works.

Next in line for a movie makeover is Bendy and the Ink Machine, as was confirmed by the official Bendy X account with the image above. Outside of that single image, we have absolutely no idea what the movie will offer. That includes information on if Bendy and the Ink Machine will be animated or live-action, but hopefully some insight on that is shared in the near future.

The image above shows that Radar Pictures is involved, and they’ve most recently handled the new Jumanji franchise, The Last Samurai, and the first two Bill & Ted movies. Last but not least, Bendy creator Paul Crawford says that the team is, “super committed to making the Bendy movie as quality, scary, exciting, and honoring to the Bendy world as possible.” Crawford went on to assure fans that the film will be, “done right and with care.”

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7M ago

That's actually pretty cool. I hope they stay close to the source material though.