Earlier today, Masahiro Sakurai released the latest video in his YouTube series about game development. This video in particular took a look at game developers of the past to show that while some are still making games, others have moved on to find success in areas completely separate from gaming.

There’s no doubt some will hear that Sakurai is talking about game developers retiring from game creation and worry that Sakurai himself is stepping out of the industry. Thankfully, Sakurai knew some people would feel that way, so he made sure to reassure fans that his time in the game industry hasn’t wrapped yet.

In today’s video, Sakurai makes things very clear by saying he’s, “still creating games for the time being.” Of course, that’s all the information that Sakurai shares, so anyone hoping to glean details on what he’s crafting next will just have to wait until the curtain is officially pulled back. Until that time comes, feel free to speculate!

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6M ago

well, smash ultimate still has the amiibo update next month for i think it was the new xenoblade amiibos and some spirits. Would be fun to either see something totally new from him or a culmination of all games he's worked on, mixing with a bit of everything!