New details on Contra: Operation Galuga's multiplayer shared

Run-and-gun with more friends than ever

27 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Contra: Operation Galuga is looking to bridge the gap between old and new Contra experiences by giving classic fans what they want through a reimagined experience while also wooing newcomers with some modern-day bells and whistles. That includes revamped multiplayer offerings, and now we’ve got a few more details on what will be included.

You can’t have a Contra game without multiplayer. Local co-op has been a huge part of the Contra experience from the first day the series was birthed, and Contra: Operation Galuga is no different. The thing is, Contra: Operation Galuga is going to let us enjoy multiplayer action in bigger and better ways, and we can bring more friends along for the fun.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, WayForward’s Tomm Hulett shared some fresh insight into what multiplayer is going to pack in. While there are still more details to be shared down the road, we know that Story Mode supports 1 or 2 players, and Arcade Mode up to 4. In that arcade mode, more players means more enemy spawns and varied placement as well. This will even change as you adjust the overall difficulty level as well. Last but not least, boss HP increases a bit to compensate as well. In other words, don’t expect a walk in the park just because you’ve got 3 partners by your side!

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6M ago

Do any of WayForward’s games ever have online co-op? Is that really too much to ask for them to include it? I've skipped buying so many of their games for not having it, but this is one I actually want to play, so I guess I'll be buying this on PlayStation 5 instead and letting my friend connect remotely via SharePlay to play co-op with me. On the plus side she won't have to buy the game herself. See? They actually lose out on potential sales by not including online co-op.


4M ago

Online Co op??????????