Heartstopper is a young adult LGBTQ+ ongoing graphic novel and webcomic series created by Alice Oseman. The series is so popular that it’s been adapted into a Netflix series as well, which is also finding great success. We’ve actually already talked about the Netflix show once, as the series featured the Switch quite heavily.

At the time, we wondered who involved with the show was a big Nintendo fan, but now we’re thinking it’s Oseman herself! We’ve since learned that Oseman has featured more tributes to Nintendo in the Heartstopper graphic novel series, and in the image above, she’s given some characters from Heartstopper an Animal Crossing makeover!

This image came about through a fan request, but Oseman was more than happy to take it on. I guess Oseman really is a Nintendo fan just like the rest of us!

Thanks to Álvaro for the heads up!

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