The BINBOK GEMINI Now Available, Features Hall Effect Joysticks

Hall Effect Joysticks at a reasonable price? Satisfactory!

28 December 2023
by the8bitlego 0

Looking for a cheaper alternative to the Switch Pro Controller? Look no further than the BINOK GEMINI! This controller features everything you would come to expect from the Pro Controller, and more, including Hall Effect Joysticks, which use magnets to near eliminate drift! Check out the breakdown below, and the trailer above to get all of the details!

BINBOK GEMINI features the switchable double Rumble, hall effect joystick, 8-Way D-pad, and ergonomic grips, accompanied by 2 programmable buttons and a six-axis motion sensor, delivering a comfortable and flawless gaming experience. It’s an affordable alternative of pro controller for Switch.

The BINBOK GEMINI is available here on Amazon or on the official site here for 39.99.

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