Chances are you think you’ve seen all there is to see when it comes to The Super Mario Bros. Movie. You’ve discovered every Easter egg, hunted down ever reference, and watched the movie multiple times over. Well, Nintendo still thinks you might have missed a thing or two, which is why they put together some very unique supplemental material for the movie.

Nintendo has released a pseudo strategy guide for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and you can check it out for free. Unfortunately, the guide is only available in Japanese at this time, but hopefully the Big N gives us an English translation sometime soon. If you want to snoop through the guide, you can do so through this link.

The guide will give you a walkthrough of various moments in the film, a breakdown of the characters, and a number of pages that show some of the references the movie makes to Mario’s various games, Nintendo’s history and even some other titles Nintendo has released. It’s pretty neat to see Nintendo guiding fans and newcomers alike through the many, many secrets the movie hides!

UPDATE: An English version of this guide is now available and you can enjoy it for free through this link.

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