The end of the year is headed our way, and that means Games as a Service devs are looking back on everything they released in the last 365 days. That includes thatgamecompany, who had a lot to offer in Sky: Children of the Light. You can see a recap of everything that took place in the game above!

Remember, you can hop into Sky right now and enjoy the Days of Feast, which runs through January 7th (all times PST, UTC -8). The Winter Courier and Bearhug Hermit Spirits will be staying in Aviary Village and welcome everyone into the event workshop, to be Sky kids’ guides for everything the event offers.

This year’s additions to the Feast fun and games: a new selection of races! Sit at the meditation circle in the event workshop, and it will teleport you to a realm in Sky where that day’s race is offered. Some of these are on snowy, icy slopes. But keep your parkour and flying skills sharp—other races call on other tactics besides downhill skiing. These races are just for fun, but if you’re collecting event currency, they’ll give you one snowflake-shaped currency each day that you complete one.

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