Nintendo stock reaches its highest point ever on 2023's last day of trading

One more feather in Nintendo's (market) cap

29 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Nintendo’s run since the Switch launched hasn’t just been fantastic, it’s been better than anyone could have ever imagined. That likely includes those at Nintendo, who were no doubt hoping for the Switch to be a hit after the Wii U failed to find an audience. Now 6+ years after the Switch launched, its success has helped Nintendo reach an all-new high.

For years now, Nintendo has been chasing their stock market high from the Wii and DS era. Nintendo’s one-two punch of hardware back in the mid-to-late 2000s propelled the company to astronomical heights, and some thought the Big N would never see those levels again. Today proves those who felt that wrong.

On the last date of trading for 2023, Nintendo’s stock has now reached its highest point in company history. This is no doubt due to the amazing success the Switch has seen, the millions upon millions of software units moved, and of course, the near-impossible popularity of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

It’s quite likely we won’t see Nintendo reach this new high for quite some time, or ever again. Of course, Nintendo loves to prove people wrong, and I’d have no problem being one of them!

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6M ago

I own some Nintendo stocks and this sounds like fake news to me since they had a higher value just a while ago…


6M ago


The stocks previous peak for 7974.t was 7170¥ in 2007, todays peak on the JSE was 7386¥.

Keep in mind if you own their NTDOY depository shares, you had a 5:1 split last year. If you own their NTDOF shares or the 7974 stock directly in Japan, you had a full 10:1 split.

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