The weekly UK software sales are in! Let’s take a look at the top 40 best-selling games in the United Kingdom for the week ending Dec. 16th, 2023.


Along with that, we usually have some specifics on the placement of titles and more, but that information hasn’t come in yet. What we do have is details on Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s continued sales, which we shared earlier in the week.

In terms of the week leading up to Christmas day in the UK, Super Mario Bros. Wonder just barely missed out on taking the top spot. We don’t officially know what landed at #1, but knowing it’s the UK and gauging previous weeks’ charts, it seems likely EA Sports FC 24 took the honors.

Remember, Nintendo doesn’t share digital numbers on the weekly UK charts (or any charts), while other games on the sales breakdown do. In other words, Super Mario Bros. Wonder almost grabbed the #1 spot based on physical sales alone, which makes the placement that much more impressive.

To put things in even more perspective, Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s total sales in the UK have already eclipsed those of Spider-Man 2, a game that beat out Mario in its launch week. We mentioned back then that Mario would likely have a much longer tail, and that’s clearly the case. Things are going so well for Mario that total sales in the UK are inching closer to surpassing Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as well!


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