Plenty of game developers and publishers release year-end recaps showing off the games they published and the success they enjoyed, and PlatinumGames is no different. The Bayonetta publisher has put together a special video looking back at all that happened for them in 2023, and it includes one not-so-great moment.

Among looks back on things like Bayonetta Origins and The Wonderful One: After School Hero, Platinum also features what was arguably their most talked-about moment in 2023; the departure of Hideki Kamiya.

There’s no doubt Kamiya leaving PlatinumGames made massive headlines when it happened, and it continued to dominate the news for weeks after. We only recently got more insight into why Kamiya left the studio, stating that his philosophies surrounding games differed from the direction Platinum wants to take.

It’s certainly interesting to see Kamiya’s departure featured in this year-end recap. You have to give Platinum credit for not shying away from the event, but it’s also raising a few eyebrows. The mere fact that a seemingly negative moment was spotlighted has some questioning whether the departure is legit or not. Kamiya certainly loves to troll fans, so I can see why some are now unsure about the legitimacy of retirement, but that’s only speculation at this point. As for the video itself, you can see that below.

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6M ago

It all comes down to if Kamiya blocks platinum games on twitter or not!


6M ago

I don't think even Kamiya would go that far to stage a fake departure. This feels like a low-key way for Platinum staff to show solidarity with him regarding why he left.

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6M ago


Exactly. He IS a jokester, but can't think even he would have gone so far. Would be kinda fun if it all was joke, though =)