2024 is just around the corner! Have you made plans for the start of the year yet?

In Japan, it is customary to pay a visit to the local shrine, where you can get a fortune-telling paper slip offering hints on your luck for the new year. To live up to the occasion, today Pikmin Bloom is releasing Fortune Decor for Purple, White, Winged and Rock Pikmin, in addition to the existing Red, Blue, and Yellow. Seedlings for this Decor can be found in the vicinity of Shrines and Temples across Japan.

The shop will also be offering a new collection of kimonos for your Mii starting today! As a bonus, if you purchase a kimono before January 28th, 2024, you’ll also receive a special mission that grants a Gold Seedling that grows into Fortune Decor Pikmin upon completion. This is a great chance to meet your first Fortune Decor if you live outside of Japan! *The Cattleya Flower Hairpins and Lion Dance Hat do not include the special mission.

Ready to leave 2023 behind? Dress up in one of the new festive kimonos and get ready to meet the first Fortune Decor Pikmin of 2024!

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