eastasiasoft looks back on their 2023 releases in a year-end video

Almost too many games to keep up with!

31 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

eastasiasoft has an incredibly library of games available on Switch, and they went all-out on the platform in 2023. With all sorts of titles and genres represented, there was a serious amount of content to pick from. If you didn’t keep up with the publishers titles or need a bit of a refresher, the above video is the perfect solution!

We feel it important to mention that a lot of eastasiasoft’s titles are meant for 17+ players only. The publisher does have games that are appropriate for all ages, but their slate of releases tends to skew towards the adult audience, as they heavily feature adult subject matter.

If you want to take a more detailed look at what eastasiasoft brought to the Switch in 2023, you can find their entire lineup of titles in a handy catalog on their official website.

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