Potofu Studio has announced that they’re bringing FUFUFU to the Switch at some point in the future. The game is currently in development with no specific timeline as to when it’ll release, but we’ll keep you updated on the title’s progress as the year rolls on.

Live a wacky and colored adventure among friends and family with cats, sheep, fingers, noses and a whole host of surprises.

But not only… FUFUFU is above all a tasty and original mix between two genres : roguelite and wario ware. A unique co-op adventure full of laughter, accessible to everyone and where you only have to do two things : laugh and run.

Alone or with up to 4 players in cooperation, FUFUFU is a roguelite adventure full of wacky situations and hilarious mini-games. Step into Cercamon’s circus and choose, door after door, which of your friends will take on the next procedurally generated challenge.

Hush! don’t make noise, the mischievous “Cercamon” has forbidden laughter… or not!!! Laugh out loud and cause mayhem to bring a mysterious funfair and its inhabitants back to life.

The more, the merrier! From mocking laughter to infectious laughter, personalize your style for ever more crazy situations.

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