For anyone who’s played the demo of Another Code: Recollection or the original Trace Memory on DS, you know how important the letter protagonist Ashley receives is. Nintendo clearly understands what the letter means, which is why they’ve paid tribute to the correspondence with a new promotional flyer in Japan.

Spotted at various retailers in Japan, Nintendo has sent out new promotional material for Another Code: Recollection, which is set to arrive on January 19th, 2023. The flyer aims to give potential customers the lowdown on what Another Code: Recollection has to offer, and it does so through a special invite.

As you can see in the gallery above, Nintendo has taken the in-game letter that Ashley received and turns it into an actual item. Part of the letter is as it appears in Another Code: Recollection, and the other part shows off some of what the game has to offer, along with in-game visuals. For Trace Memory/Another Code: Recollection superfans (like myself!), this looks to be a fantastic collectible. Hopefully Nintendo brings this promotional material outside of Japan as well!


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