When Cookie Cutter was first announced, it was a bit surprising to not see Switch included in the platform lineup. The system is perfect for 2D Metroidvanias, yet Cookie Cutter seemed to be skipping the platform. Now it appears dev and pub were just keeping things under wraps until 2024 rolled around.

While not officially confirmed, publisher Rogue Games has shown off a quick bit of Cookie Cutter running on the Switch. It’s very clear all parties involved are bringing the game to Switch sometime this year, but we won’t label this one 100% happening until an official announcement surfaces.

Cookie Cutter is unabashedly irreverent, violent, and risqué. Become Cherry, a badass android on a rage-filled and love-driven quest. To save her beloved creator she’ll explore and fight her way through a unique illustrated sci-fi dystopian world as she chainsaw-murders anybody who stands in her way.

Every frame of this immersive experience is drawn by hand with copious amounts of love. That means epic, fall-out-of-your-chair visuals. Grotesque bugs and menacing robots. Gargantuan bosses. Ridiculous weapons, special moves, and brutal gory finishers. All of it brought to life with benchmark 2D animation.

Whether you’re ripping the wings off overgrown mosquitos, impaling mini-bosses, crushing robots on Cherry’s motorcycle, or kick-punch-uppercut-stomping waves of foes with complex combos, you won’t find a better fighting experience with responsiveness and all the flair you could ask for in a Metroidvania.

Far future dystopia? Check. An android companion turned rage-filled killer? Check. Over-the-top characters and enemies? Check. Buckets of blood? Of course. Experience our bizarre tale, inspired by Japanese manga and Quentin Tarantino films, through 10 huge zones, each weirder than the next.

Thanks to Khufu for the heads up!

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