2D action game "Chikaro" announced for Switch

Like Silo, but in game form

03 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer Ruccho have announced that they’re planning to bring their 2D action game Chikaro to the Switch. At this point in time, no information on release date or pricing has been shared.

Chikaro is a 2D action game where you use astral projection to explore. The main character, Yokaze, uses astral projection to slip through walls, possess enemies, and explore the ruins. The story takes place in a world after the collapse of civilization.

300 years have passed since the dangerous autonomous robot weapon Amorphouses came to roam the surface, and most humans have been confined to the underground shelter facility “Chikaro”. On the devastated surface, only a small number of people are living in modest circumstances.

Yokaze wakes up after losing his memory, and is able to read the residual thoughts of the deceased using spiritual powers. This ability allows him to find out who he is, which gradually leads him to uncover the history that led to the collapse of civilization 300 years ago.

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