Back in November of 2023, it was announced that A Little to the Left had reached 1 million units sold. That was a staggering figure for a brand-new IP, and one that some might have considered niche prior to launch. It turns out obsessive organization is something a lot of gamers out there can find comfort in!

While A Little to the Left has a sizable campaign and saw DLC released as well, it’s the game’s Daily Tidy mode that keeps players coming back. This mode remixes the game’s content to make sure players will also have at least one new puzzle to enjoy. In an interview with Games Industry, Max Inferno’s Lukas Steinman reveals that another massive game was the main inspiration for A Little to the Left’s Daily Tidy mode.

“It was definitely inspired by Wordle. And on one side, we did it for player retention. But on the other, we just wanted to… it’s a game about being observant and slowing down a little bit. It’s about that reprieve and saying, ‘I feel like taking a little break and seeing what the Daily Tidy is today’.

There are people who have played over 365 days. We see very strong daily active users and I think that is bolstered by the fact that people check in, and there’s not much of a requirement on you time… maybe 30 seconds or a minute. They’re relatively short.”

[Max Inferno's Lukas Steinman]

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